Build. Host. Support.


Custom application development platform that has everything you need to build, deploy and manage custom apps for small and medium businesses.

End to End Technology Partner

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    We are with you all the way

    We are with you from start to end providing an end to end solution.

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    We build the applications

    We build the application that is fully customised to meet your business requirements.

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    We host them

    We host them on Amazon's world class infrastructure.

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    We manage, monitor and support

    We take full responsibility to manage, monitor and support your systems.

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    We upgrade them

    We upgrade them for latest operating system versions, browsers, SDKs, APIs and devices as needed.

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    We keep enhancing

    Enhancements are made to the application based on the latest technology trends, user feedback and analytics.

Reduce Risks, Increase ROI and Lower Costs


Our engagement models ensure:

  • img Application Development and Customization costs are 70% lower than Fixed Priced models.
  • img Our solution gets 3 major releases every year at no additional costs to you.
  • img Our platform is designed to ensure building and customizing apps is fast and easy but without compromises on quality. We are, therefore, able to build features quickly.
  • img Our costs are optimized for longer engagements.
  • img There are limited contractual obligations.

Tech Specs

s2a is universally available on desktop and mobile browsers or as a mobile and desktop app. It is built upon the latest technologies supported by global tech companies, including Google, and with proven results

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    Hosting on Amazon

    with EC2, CloudFront, S3, SES, SNS and Lambda

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    using AWS SNS, Twilio and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

It is Fast and Scalable

  • img Using AWS CloudFront, we can ensure that our servers have a close proximity from anywhere on Earth.
  • img AWS Lambda gives infinite scalability to usage surges.
  • img Data is cached locally on user devices as well as on fast server caches.
  • img Only changes in data are communicated between clients and servers.
  • img Application assets are packaged, compressed and cached for optimal one-time delivery.
  • img When required, server communication is compressed.


It is Safe and Secure


  • img We use industry standard SSL encryption to ensure all communication between clients and servers are secure.
  • img Passwords are strongly. hashed.
  • img Every data object and collection has associated user-based and groups based access control.
  • img Every user-group has their own application sub-package ensuring there is no possibility of gaining access to other user-group rights.

Real-time Communication

  • img Get real-time updates on any reports, messages or other forms of data from servers.
  • img Push notifications.
  • img Emails.
  • img SMS.


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